A message from Professor Diarmuid O'Donoghue for Colorectal.ie

Welcome to
The Centre for Colorectal Disease.

The Centre for Colorectal Disease in St. Vincentís University Hospital in Dublin was established in 1983 to integrate educational and research programmes with the clinical activity in the hospital while providing education to the public on these important bowel disorders. Through integrating educational and research programmes with the clinical activity in the hospital, the centre can achieve a more complete understanding of the causes of Colorectal Cancer and inflammatory bowel disease through translational research.

The Centre for Colorectal Disease at St Vincentís Hospital in Dublin encompasses patient care, educational research and clinical research to lead to improved clinical management of patients.

L-R: IBD Nurse Specialist Denise Keegan, Prof. Hugh Mulcahy

Multidisciplinary teams working together provide the best care for patients. The integrated unit at the Centre for Colorectal Disease includes surgeons, gastroenterologists, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and specialist paramedical and nursing personnel to ensure a comprehensive treatment for each and every patient.

L-R: Prof. Jean-Frederic Colombel, Prof. Hugh Mulcahy attending the International IBD Conference, Barcelona 2014

The Centre for Colorectal Diseases, which has treated over 1,500 inflammatory bowel disease patients and 2,000 colorectal cancer patients in the past two decades, offers a multidisciplinary and individualised approach to treatment of patients with colorectal diseases. The screening, diagnostic and therapeutic services incorporate all of the elements discussed above and our facilities range from the first Irish combined medical/surgical colorectal clinic to the provision of complex surgical interventions and medical therapies for colorectal cancer patients and those with inflammatory bowel diseases. Our collaborative approach has been achieved largely because of continued close surgical and medical interaction resulting in a strong tradition in the joint management of colorectal diseases.